Why refinancing may be a fantastic opportunity for you!

Refinance With NHSSF

What is refinancing?

Refinancing replaces your existing mortgage loan with a new loan that may allow you to change your mortgage's terms and/or interest rate, or draw out cash from the equity in your home. Refinancing gives you the opportunity to bring down your mortgage payments whenever it’s possible.

Refinancing is a lot like applying for a mortgage. But, some steps do not have to be carried out, such as the inspection of the property. In some cases, there is no need to do a new appraisal or even get a home insurance policy.


Why refinancing might be a fantastic opportunity for you?

Advantages of Refinancing:

  • Reduction of the monthly payment of your home mortgage (PITI).
  • Reduction in interest rate.
  • Change from a variable or fluctuating rate to a fixed rate.
    You can have a permanent rate so you always know what you will pay.
  • Pay off your home faster. Change the mortgage loan term: from 30 years to 25, 20, or 15 years.
  • Refinancing to withdraw money based on the value and current debt of the property (equity).
    You can acquire the funds to consolidate debts, make home improvements, pay medical-educational expenses or invest in a business.

Disadvantages of Refinancing:

  • If you refinance to a 30-year loan term again, you will pay more interest overall.
  • You will have to pay a part of the closing costs.


Refinancing - Factors to think about

If you are considering the option of refinancing your home mortgage with us, you should take into consideration the following:

  • How old is my current mortgage?
  • Will I be penalized if I refinance?
  • How long will I stay in this house? (if you like the house, it's worth the process; otherwise, there is a future risk)
  • If the net value of the home is less 80% or less of the loan amount (LTV-loan to value) then you might avoid having to pay mortgage insurance
  • What credit score do I have to acquire the best rate on the market today?
Want more spending money?

Refinancing 101

Refinancing is a win-win scenario when you can take advantage of the financial benefits such as a reduction in the monthly payments, a decrease in the interest rate, a reduction in the monthly terms of the loan, or acquiring money for any personal needs or to make improvements on the home.


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Alcides Vargas

Alcides Vargas
Senior Mortgage Loan Origination Officer
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Refinancia Con NHSSF

¿Qué es el refinanciamiento?

El refinanciamiento sustituye tu préstamo hipotecario actual con un nuevo préstamo que puede permitirte cambiar las condiciones de tu hipoteca y la tasa de interés, o sacar dinero del capital acumulado (equity) de tu vivienda. El refinanciamiento te brinda la oportunidad de reducir los pagos de tu hipoteca siempre que sea posible.

Refinanciar es muy parecido a solicitar una hipoteca. Pero no es necesario realizar algunos de los pasos, como la inspección de la propiedad. En algunos casos, no es necesario hacer una nueva valuación o tan siquiera obtener una póliza de seguro de vivienda.


Por qué el refinanciamiento puede ser una oportunidad fantástica para ti

Ventajas del refinanciamiento:

  • Reducción del pago mensual de la hipoteca de tu vivienda (PITI, las siglas en inglés equivalentes a "capital, interés, impuestos y seguro").
  • Reducción de la tasa de interés.
  • Cambio de una tasa variable o fluctuante a una tasa fija.
    Puedes tener una tasa permanente para saber siempre lo que vas a pagar.
  • Pagar tu casa más rápidamente. Cambia el término del préstamo hipotecario de 30 años a 25, 20 o 15 años.
  • Refinanciar para sacar dinero en función del valor y la deuda actual de la vivienda (capital acumulado).
    Puedes obtener los fondos para consolidar deudas, hacer mejoras en la vivienda, pagar gastos médicos o educativos, o invertir en un negocio.

Desventajas del refinanciamiento:

  • Si vuelves a refinanciar a un plazo de 30 años, pagarás más intereses en general.
  • Tendrás que pagar una parte de los costos de cierre.


Refinanciamiento - Factores a tener en cuenta

Si estás considerando la opción de refinanciar la hipoteca de tu casa con nosotros, debes tener en cuenta lo siguiente:

  • ¿Cuántos años tiene mi hipoteca actual?
  • ¿Me penalizarán si refinancio?
  • ¿Cuánto tiempo voy a permanecer en esta casa? (Si te gusta la casa, vale la pena el proceso; de lo contrario, existe un riesgo futuro).
  • Si el valor neto de la vivienda es inferior al 80% o menos del monto del préstamo (LTV, las siglas en inglés equivalentes a "relación préstamo a valor"), entonces pudieras evitar tener que pagar el seguro hipotecario.
  • ¿Qué puntaje de crédito debo tener para obtener la mejor tasa de interés en el mercado actual?
Quieres pagar mas pronto tu hipoteca?

Refinanciamiento 101

El refinanciamiento es un escenario en el que todos se benefician cuando puedes aprovechar los beneficios financieros, como una reducción en los pagos mensuales, una disminución de la tasa de interés, una reducción de los plazos mensuales del préstamo, o la obtención de dinero para cualquier necesidad personal o para realizar mejoras en la vivienda.


¿Necesitas más información y quieres hablar con un experto en refinanciamiento?
Completa este sencillo formulario y Alcides Vargas, nuestro experto en refinanciamiento, se pondrá en contacto contigo en menos de 24 horas.


Alcides Vargas

Alcides Vargas
Oficial Senior Originador de Préstamos Hipotecarios de NHSSF
Oficina: 786-237-2123 | Móvil: 786-848-1181
NMLS ID 1415837


the sun rises behind a tree in a field

When help arrives at the right time

Over the last two years, we had an “NHSSF Emergency Relief Program for Housing Stabilization” in place thanks to the support from the Community Foundation of Broward. We were preparing the closing report when we received a call for help. Ms. Aguilar fell behind on her mortgage payments and sought financial assistance. After the due application process, in a couple of days, we responded to her request and sent her way the rest of the funding to stabilize her dire housing situation. Here is her dramatic story that we share with you to raise awareness of the efficacy of these programs aimed to help those in need.


“On December 2, 2020, I had a fire in my apartment due to an air fryer explosion. Everyone in the building was taken out without suffering any damage. Only my apartment was affected, mainly the kitchen that was totally destroyed, with the fridge and stove melted and cabinets totally damaged. At the time, I tried to find help from various government agencies without any success.

Since I don’t have any insurance coverage for the apartment’s interior, my place as of today remains uninhabitable due to a lack of financial resources to repair it. And with the impossibility of having the apartment repaired, I’m living at a friend’s house, where I am also contributing to the monthly expenses. Since I live under a limited disability salary due to my present health condition, I could not continue sending the monthly payment towards my mortgage. So, after many months of being unable to pay it, it was sent to foreclosure.

That’s when I started crying out to God for resources because I couldn’t take any risk of losing the only roof I had lived on.

I started looking for other government websites that help with mortgages when I came across the Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida’s website.

I had the divine blessing of being assisted by Mr. Gordillo. With extreme kindness and compassion, he wrote down my information and promised to speak to the person responsible for the department that helps with mortgages problems. According to the information provided, the program had already been closed down, but to his understanding, maybe there was a small balance left.

On the following Monday, to my surprise, Mr. Gordillo called me, instructing me to reach out Ms. Granja. With all her dedication and willingness to help me, she collected all my information and approved the resource that I needed for my late mortgage payments, saving my only home from going to foreclosure. Hallelujah!!

Today, thanks to the Almighty Father and NHSSF, I have my mortgage on time. And with the part-time job that He had provided me right after this miracle event, I will be able to keep the payments on time and hopefully soon, be able to fix it and move back to my little place.

I am very grateful to everyone who contributed to making this miracle happen in my life. May God continue to bless the lives of each one of you and raise more and more resources to help people in extreme need, as it was in my case.”



The Emergency Relief for Housing Stabilization program started on March 1st, 2021. With renewed funding from the Community Foundation of Broward, this second push of the rental and mortgage assistance program started right after the pandemic, we’ve been able to help over 90 Broward residents in total, providing them with additional housing counseling to ensure that they can remain in their current housing.

The following Fund has provided support for this grant at the Community Foundation of Broward:

Jerry Taylor and Nancy Bryant Fund.

Save your seat for 3-28-22

Lending Day on March 28

Don’t lose track of your 2022 resolutions! In partnership with Chase Bank we proudly present the first NHSSF Lending Day of the year!

On Monday, March 28, from 10 am to 5 pm, two lending advisors from Chase Bank and one lending officer from NHSSF staff will be available in person at our office.

The goal of this Lending Day is for you to book an appointment with one of them, review the lending options available to you & walk out with a loan pre-approval to start looking for the house you’ve dream about.

If becoming a homeowner is your goal for this 2022, the Lending Day is a great opportunity for you: RESERVE A SEAT for the 1-hour appointment to get a loan pre-approval right after that!


What? Lending Day: Get a same day loan pre-approval

When? Monday, March 28, 2022; from 10 am to 5 pm.

Where? At NHSSF headquarters (300 NW 12 Avenue, Miami, FL 33128)

How? Limited slots* available & by appointment only

*We will adhere to all CDC Guidelines. Masks, Disinfection Protocols, Hand Sanitizers and Desk/Table Guards.

  • Get a LOAN PRE-APPROVAL on the same day
  • Only 21 slots are available (by appointment only)
  • You need to have attended a Homebuyer Education Class & bring full documentation
  • Additional requirements apply


Reserve your spot today. Call us at 305-751-5511 or email us at intake@nhssf.org for more information.


Meet the Lending Advisors from Chase Bank

Laura Reyes

Laura Reyes
Community Home Lending Advisor
T: (786) 642-1066
NMLS ID: 1763709

Abraham Frederick

Abraham Frederick
Field Community HLA | Home Lending
Office: (954) 437-0146| Mobile: (561) 891-8251
NMLS ID 861119

Meet the Lending Officer from Citi Bank (attending via Zoom)

Louis Morera of Citi Bank

Louis Morera
Home Lending Officer
T: (305) 216-5996
NMLS ID: 1174384

Meet the Lending Officer from NHSSF

Alcides Vargas

Alcides Vargas
Senior Mortgage Loan Origination Officer
Office: 786-237-2123 | Mobile: 786-327-5014
NMLS # 1415837 | Lic. # 061656

Jordana de prestamos Marzo 28

Primer Lending Day del año!


¡No te des por vencido en tus resoluciones para este 2022! ¡En colaboración con Chase Bank te invitamos a la Jornada de Préstamos que tendremos aquí en NHSSF!

El lunes 28 de marzo, de 10 AM. a 5 PM., dos asesores de préstamos de Chase Bank y un oficial de préstamos de NHSSF estarán disponibles en persona en nuestra oficina para atenderte.

(Y un oficial de préstamos adicional de Citi Bank estará disponible en línea).

El objetivo de este Lending Day es que programes una cita con uno de ellos, revisen juntos las opciones de préstamo disponibles para ti y salgas de aquí con una PRE-APROBACIÓN DE PRÉSTAMO para comenzar a buscar la casa con la que tanto has soñado.

Si convertirte en propietario de una vivienda es tu principal objetivo para este año, la Jornada de Préstamos es una gran oportunidad para ti: ¡RESERVA UN ASIENTO para la cita de 1 hora en la que podrás obtener una pre-aprobación de préstamo inmediatamente!


¿Qué? Lending Day: obtenga una Pre-Aprobación de Préstamo el mismo día

¿Cuándo? Lunes 28 de marzo de 2022; de 10 AM. a 5 PM

¿Dónde? En nuestras oficinas ubicadas en la 300 NW 12 Avenue, Miami FL 33128

¿Cómo? Plazas* limitadas disponibles y sólo con cita previa

*Cumpliremos con todas las pautas recomendadas por la CDC. Uso de mascarilla, protocolos de desinfección, gel sanitizante y protecciones entre las mesas y escritorios.

  • Obtén una Pre-Aprobación de Préstamo el mismo día
  • Sólo contamos con 21 espacios disponibles -y sólo con previa cita-
  • Debes haber asistido a una Clase de Educación para Primeros Compradores de Vivienda y traer documentación completa
  • Se aplican requisitos adicionales.


Reserva tu lugar hoy. Llámanos al 305-751-5511 o envíenos un correo electrónico a intake@nhssf.org para obtener más información.


Conozca a la asesora de préstamos de Chase Bank que estarán presentes el Lending Day

Laura Reyes

Laura Reyes
Community Home Lending Advisor
T: (786) 642-1066
NMLS ID: 1763709

Abraham Frederick

Abraham Frederick
Field Community HLA | Home Lending
Office: (954) 437-0146| Mobile: (561) 891-8251
NMLS ID 861119

Conozca al oficial de préstamos de NHSSF que estará presente el Lending Day

Alcides Vargas

Alcides Vargas
Senior Mortgage Loan Origination Officer
Office: 786-237-2123 | Mobile: 786-327-5014
NMLS # 1415837 | Lic. # 061656