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Carbon Management Collegiate Competition – Informational Webinar

Please register to attend an informational webinar that will be held on Thursday, February 2 from 7-8:30 p.m. ET.

Learn tips and tricks for competing in the competition and listen to an expert panel. The panel will discuss this competition but also career opportunities in the field of carbon transport and management.

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The NHSSF Power Connector Team continues to support the American Made Network

In November 2022, our team was selected to support the Carbon Management Collegiate Prize Competition.  The goal of the Carbon Management Collegiate prize is to propose innovative and creative business models for transporting carbon dioxide across a regional network. To this end, collegiate students will be tasked with proposing a regional carbon transport network, defining its business model, and optimizing the transport network across several parameters and with consideration to regional stakeholders, challenges, and cost variability. Teams must be comprised of 3 or more undergraduate or graduate students and represent more than one major with a preference towards majors or specializations in business, supply chain, geosciences, engineering, GIS, land management, law, computer science, and/or public policy.  Teams are eligible to win from a Prize Pool of $25,000.00.

Over the course of the competition, the NHSSF Team will collaborate with other Power Connectors to provide information, support, and other information to support teams to compete.  The NHSSF Team will collaborate with another Power Connector to deliver informational webinars to students on January 25th at 7pm and February 2nd at 7pm, EST.  As Power Connectors, the NHSSF Team is focusing its outreach on minority-serving institutions, and the HBCU community of faculty and students, to encourage, identify, and develop students to participate in the competition.  The NHSSF Team wants to adequately engage HBCU students to increase participation in the competition.  As a result, we have scheduled two additional information sessions as described below, with the goal of increasing awareness and ultimately participation in the competition.

  • Faculty Focus Information Session – January 12th@ 4pm

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Meeting ID: 822 3258 7042
Passcode: 947347

  • Student Focus Information Session – January 19th@ 5pm

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Meeting ID: 870 0462 4048
Passcode: 254211

During the Information Session, the NHSSF Power Connector Team will give an overview of the competition, who can apply, what to submit, and how entries will be judged. The discussion will also include a path to developing student teams from a particular institution, from multiple HBCUs, and non-HBCU campuses.

Please share the meeting links above with your colleagues and students.

If you have questions, please contact us at

New Grants Awarded to Support Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Financing

New Grants Awarded to Support Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Financing – NHSSF among OFN awardees

By Roland Kamara | Associate, Member Relations, OFN

From Appalachian coal country to the Mississippi Delta, 24 CDFIs will receive grants to bring climate-smart financial products to their communities


Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) have tremendous capacity to address the energy and environmental challenges facing economically distressed communities.

Low-income communities are often those that are also most impacted by our changing climate. These are the same markets served by CDFIs: flood prone areas like New Orleans 9th ward, manufactured housing communities impacted by extreme heat in the Southwest, farmworkers and rural communities displaced by wildfires in California, coastal communities of color in Florida and along the Gulf Coast — all communities served by mission lenders working to address the impacts of climate change.

On December 7, Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) announced the latest recipients of the Renewable and Energy Efficiency Financing Grant. Twenty-four member CDFIs will receive awards of $50,000 to $200,000, for a total of $2.9 million. The funding provides lending capital or loan loss reserves for renewable and energy-efficiency financing programs.

Among the awardees is a project in Northern Kentucky that will provide patient and affordable capital, combined with technical assistance, to support energy efficiency upgrades for commercial projects. In New Orleans, the grant funding will provide cash to low- and middle-income contractors to take on more green infrastructure projects. Another project, national in scope, will finance solar microgrids with battery backup at federally qualified health centers in low-income communities.

With their specialized expertise in reaching markets underserved by mainstream finance, CDFIs are ideally positioned to finance projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. OFN has previously awarded more than $2.3 million to 26 member CDFIs through this grant program.


2022 Renewable and Energy Efficiency Financing Grantees


Visit OFN’s website to learn more about the Renewable and Energy Efficiency Financing Grant and see the complete list of awardees.