Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida

President’s Message

November 3, 2020


Kimberly T. Henderson, President & CEO of NHSSFI will go to bed tonight anxious, nervous, with a heavy heart, with so much uncertainty around who will be our next President, and when will we know.   Leading up to the elections there were news reports of businesses boarding up, family members begging me to stay home, and friends asking why I went to work. My friends and family fear for my safety, especially now that I live in a battle ground state.

My worries drifted to our collective future.  How do we heal after such an angry election? More importantly, how did we get here?  To this level of division?  Of course, this division has been at least a decade in the making, the culture wars, the “inside the Beltway bubble” lobbed at the Washington elite, the derisive “oh those liberal coastal elites” and then the characterizing U.S. states as Red States and Blue States as if we were tribes.  Even my once apolitical sister is clear that she will defriend Trump supporters in real life not just on social media.

I know we can make our way to the centrist America I came to love.  Left or right, conservative or liberal, Dem or Republican we can work together for a better City, State, and Country.  We can bridge these divisions and we must heal.  The world is watching.

Post-election, we will have a lot of work to do to build equitable neighborhoods, to address the affordable housing crisis crippling South Florida and as at least, one person likes to say we will build back better.


Kimberly T. Henderson
President & CEO

Kimberly T. Henderon of NHSSF

Creatively oriented toward service

Recently, NHSSF President and CEO, Kimberly T. Henderson, had a conversation with Cara Zimmerman, host of the Forum for Nonprofit radio show. She explained how NHSSF mission of helping stabilize and revitalize neighborhoods could be achieved by promoting homeownership and housing development.


In the same spirit, NHSSF status as a certified CDFI, one of the few in South Florida, allow us to extend capital to low-wealth communities. This CDFI capacity is a tool that, in collaboration with the government and other stakeholders, can be used to work our way out of the current recession towards a post-Covid economic recovery.

Hear the whole conversation now

You can hear a repetition of the show on WWNN 1470 AM / WSBR 740 AM (South Florida’s Money Talk Radio Network) every Sunday, from 6:00 AM - 6:30 AM, where Forum for Nonprofit is aired.

About Forum for Nonprofit

Dynamic and cutting-edge, the weekly Forum for Nonprofits with host Cara Zimmerman features one or more organizations worthy of philanthropic support and encourages listeners to jump on their bandwagon. Also, leading consultants advise to help nonprofits succeed, and donors and other funding sources explain how best to approach them for contributions:

Forum for Nonprofits is on the air as part of the Spirit of Giving Network, a 70+ Palm Beach County nonprofits network aimed to share resources, knowledge, time, talent, and treasure across organizations to serve and build stronger communities in South Florida.

Your dream home awaits

Affordable Homes in NW Miami

As part of the Miami-Dade Infill Housing Program, aimed to increase the availability of affordable homes for LMI families across the County, Mount Sinai Community Development Corporation -in partnership with Lojic Developers, LCC, and Johnny Barber Ministries- announced eight centrally located homes now available for sale. NHSSF is an authorized lender for these affordable units situated NW of the city.

Miami-Dade County offers several incentives to encourage infill affordable housing development through its Infill Housing Program. Under this program, county-owned lots suitable for development are made available to qualified, affordable housing developers to increase the housing supply and revitalize neighborhoods.

NHSSF is one of many authorized lenders for the newly announced Mount Sinai CDC units. The eight 3-bedroom, 2-bathrooms single homes (1,400 sf approx.) are available for a maximum sales price of $205,000, following the affordability County guidelines.

Please download the flyer from Lojic Developers, LCC (Mount Sinai CDC 8 Infill Homes Flyer III (October 2020)  for more information and the developer’s contact information.

At NHSSF, we are glad to assist you with the lending options available for you. Please contact our lending staff.