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Americorps and CDFI Fund Launch Economic Mobility Corps

Today, the Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Fund, a division of the United States Treasury announced its awardees to participate in a new initiative between the CDFI and AmeriCorps an agency known for making “service to others” part of our national culture. NHSSF is honored to be among just three organizations selected from a nationwide grant process selected to deploy 10 AmeriCorps members in localities facing gentrification pressures, affordable housing shortages, poverty, financial services and food deserts among other pressing social and economic challenges.

This collaboration between AmeriCorps and the CDFI FUND is one step forward on what I hope will be a movement not just a moment in history but a movement to address the economic divides that threaten our democracy and our collective hope for a better future.

This year funding to CDFIs in response to C19 recovery is unprecedented and will likely exceed $1 Billion spread across multiple federal agencies to spur economic activity in the most critical sectors of our economy. I believe those of us working in and adjacent to public service are doing God’s work in making this experiment in democracy and an open economy work for all Americans. NHSSF is not only announcing how honored we are to be selected but also making it clear we can’t do this work alone. Our banking partners and other stakeholders will be instrumental in the success of this initiative.

We humbly share the good news.

Kimberly T. Henderson
President and CEO


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