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“A fabulous team that helped [me] every step of the way”

Natalie found the NHSSF Emergency Relief Program for Housing Stabilization online. She was searching for rental assistance for Broward residents since she saw a cut in her funds due to Covid-19 and was unable to pay her rent for a few months.

She applied for the program in middle March. After a brief email exchange with our intake processor, in early April she was approved to receive the financial aid that helped her immensely to caught up on her back rent: “Having that huge debt of past due rent is now off my shoulders and I can relax now.”

As part of the program, available for Broward County residents thanks to the support from the Jerry Taylor and Nancy Bryant Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward, Natalie received counseling from one of our housing experts. The additional coaching assistance provided her with the tools and information necessary to stabilize her housing situation.

“I have not previously had counseling sessions, but this one was very helpful and informative. I greatly appreciate the advice and guidance for my future financial needs,” says Natalie when asked about the takeaways from the one-on-one session with us

“I’d like to add, that I am very grateful to the entire team that worked my case and helped my family. From Annye to Luz and everyone there; and I am extremely grateful for intake specialist Melissa Clark! She called me, sent emails and made sure to get all my documents your team needed to provide the assistance. I absolutely don’t know how I would handle it, if I didn’t receive the assistance. Again THANKS!!!!!”

Thank you again, Natalie, for your trust, and we are happy to have helped you every step of the way!

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