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A loan program for energy-saving measures – A better environment & more resilient homes

As part of our mission to collaborate with partners & stakeholders on building resilient and revitalized communities across South Florida, one of the most urgent issues we face right now is the impact of climate change on our residents. It is a matter of saving our planet and addressing the effects of climate change thru efficient and feasible measures, energy conservation among one of them.

In celebration of Earth Day, NHSSF will be launching in late May 2021 a loan fund to help low-income residents make energy-saving measures, such as installing new high-efficiency air conditioners in their homes. “It is our honor to help residents join in the clean energy movement. Not only is this a way for residents to save money through energy efficiency and improve the environment. It is also a way to help low-income communities take part in the growth sector of our economy. It is my hope that in learning about and implementing these measures in our homes, our customers will also learn how they may take part in the clean energy economy as a job choice or business venture,” stated President and CEO Kimberly T. Henderson.

The loan program is still in the making. Yet, it’s aimed to help South Florida residents maximize energy efficiency in their households thru funding mild home repairs or home appliances’ replacements. The loan pool is made possible by funding from the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN), the national association of community development financial institutions (CDFIs). NHSSF is a U.S. Treasury certified CDFI. The goal of the NHSSF CDFI is to connect low-income and distressed communities to capital. NHSSF CDFI is one of the few nonprofit CDFIs that lend directly to the consumer.

In the meantime, you can do something about climate change, starting in your own home, as this NPR “Life Kit” note recommends.

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