Give Miami Day is November 19

Save the Date: Give Miami Day 2020

About six weeks from now, on November 19, we will have the opportunity to stand up for our city by participating in the Give Miami Day 2020 donation rally. As The Miami Foundation (sponsor of this event) says, “in every neighborhood in Greater Miami, across every issue area from mental health to the arts, we see nonprofits stepping up heroically to keep our community strong and resilient.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, NHSSF has been at the forefront of this effort, for example, delivering emergency workshops and counseling sessions to educate Miamians about how to financially navigate this crisis or guiding them through the available assistance programs for renters and mortgagers. As a community development nonprofit, housing instability is a serious concern, especially when low-wealth, low-income, and other disadvantaged people and communities are threatened by it the most.

Actually, NHSSF has been providing rental and mortgage assistance to more than 50 families in South Florida over the past five months. We have also reached out to stakeholders and partners to prevent a wave of evictions and foreclosures we fear could unwrap if we don’t address this crisis immediately.

As urgent as these actions are, they haven’t deviate us from our traditional tasks. We have kept offering a comprehensive and affordable set of lending options and educating families to help them become homeowners. Seeing the Jeans’ family getting hands on their dream amid this pandemic gives us hope and reminds us of South Florida residents’ strength and resilience.

Yet, as a nonprofit, we have felt the impact of this pandemic too. And more than 40 years supporting those most vulnerable across our city have taught us that asking for help is a sign of strength and dignity. We need your support now. Please help us help others.

On November 19, you can donate to NHSSF Give Miami Day 2020 profile. Your support will keep our programs and services available for all Miamians.

Stand up for your neighbors, join the Give Miami Day 2020 community!


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Note: Give Miami Day 2020 will be a four-day-only online fundraiser. All donations will be managed by/funneled through the Miami Foundation, organizers of the event.


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