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Hands-on your dream!

Eddie and Marie Jean were referred to me by my colleague Gigi, housing counselor at NHSSF, back in March, when the pandemic was beginning. From that moment on, I practiced a hands-on approach, guiding them through the process of buying a house, their first house, which today they could finally enjoy. I am so happy for them.”


That’s how John Neal, one of our Loan Officers, recalls his first meeting with the Jean family. Eddie and Marie Jean took a conventional mortgage with us, thanks to which they could purchase their first home in the city of North Miami.

It was not their first time dealing with a lending partner; months before meeting John Neal, they had a pre-approval and were looking for a suitable place that they could call home.

I learned about the company from the Miami-Dade County homebuyer program. Looking to buy a house, I saw NHSSF was a participating mortgage broker,” says Eddie when asking how he got to hear from us.

Being a full-cycle lender allows us, as John Neal points out, to accompany first homebuyers throughout the process: “[Eddie] needed someone who would hold his hand through the whole financing process—making sure that he got an answer to all his questions. Someone that he felt comfortable with. Someone he could communicate with. He loved the communication. I helped him understand the loan he was getting, while also making him feel confident that they were getting a good deal.

For the Jean family, the process of buying their first home entails a “positive step“, and as Eddie says, “owning a home pays dividends later in life.” That’s why Eddie encourages those who want to fulfill their dream of buying a house “go for it!“. We at NHSSF are ready to hold your hand until you open the door of your new home.


NHSSF Lending Department (NMLS# 291479) offers a comprehensive set of lending options included as an integral part of our one-stop-shop. Our experienced lending team is here to help you:

  • Make informed, unbiased decisions
  • Purchase a home you can afford and keep
  • Provide loans that are safe and competitive

For inquiries, please contact us at 305-751-5511 or send an email to info@nhssf.org.

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