a house painter holds a paint roller brush in front of a wall with the number 12 painted on it

NHSSF beautifies its 12th home in the Miami area

On April 12, NHSSF, along with its community partners, Home Depot and Grow Care Outdoor Solutions, beautified the twelfth home on its list of 45 homes that will receive exterior improvements.

The program was launched as part of NHSSF’s 45th Anniversary initiative. The goal is to support homeowners in the community with painting and gardening projects that contribute to keeping their homes -and their values- in good shape.

This was our second beautification in Little Havana, Commissioner Eileen Higgin’s district. It was a special day as Commissioner Eileen Higgin’s District Director, Melissa Ortiz presented proclamations to both Home Depot and Grow Care Outdoor Solutions.

Home Depot Team Captain Daniel Thomas and Regional Director Peter Martin were present to receive the proclamation. Grow Care Outdoor Solutions owners, Pedro Bofill and his partner were also present to receive the proclamation.

Home Depot volunteers not only painted Mr. Giron’s house but they also donated a mailbox, barbecue and lawn furniture. As always, Grow Care Outdoor Solutions did an amazing job landscaping the yard.

Click Here to learn more about NHSSF’s Beautification Program


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