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Client’s Journey with NHSSF

Everyday there’s an opportunity to improve and impact positively on the goals set. As a one-stop shop ready to guide you through the process of homeownership, we implemented some changes to make your Journey with NHSSF easier to navigate.

As of October 12, 2022, the Center for Homeownership Education and Financial Wellbeing at NHSSF will process customers request and information through the NEW management portal CLIENTMAX. All class registrations, counseling appointments, upload of documents, etc., will need to be done through this CLIENTMAX-NHSSF portal.

Opening an account on CLIENTMAX will take you less than 5 minutes and you just have to follow these steps to get started:


Infographic detailing a client's journey through the NHSSF system


You can request a detailed instructive on how to create your account, enroll to classes, upload documents and schedule your appointment with a counselor by emailing us at

Due to the high volume of participants and agency capacity we are seeing extended wait times in the processing of documentation and scheduling of counseling sessions. NHSSF appreciates your patience and looks forward to working with you on your journey to homeownership.

Please note this process takes time and is not only a requirement of many lenders, it is a very crucial step to receive education, skills and resources so you are able to make informed decisions for your household, as purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments most of us make in a life time.

Thank you for choosing Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida (NHSSF) to assist you on your homeownership journey!

Clean Energy

Calling Community-Based Organizations to Create Clean Energy Coalitions and Win up to $200K in Cash Prizes and Support

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) American-Made Program incentivizes the development and advancement of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Through its American-Made Challenges (AMC), DOE support and encourage innovators to create and deploy innovative solutions to advance U.S. leadership in the energy industry. The AMC program has amplified efforts to increase participation of diverse individuals and teams in program competitions through targeted recruitment and outreach to ensure that the opportunity to contribute to development and deployment of clean energy technology and innovation is available to just about anyone with an idea that will supercharge the energy revolution with bold ideas to create a just, clean energy future where everyone can thrive.

Through a competitive process, NHSSF was selected as one of four recently designated Power Connectors.  In their capacity as Power Connector, the NHSSF team will support the American-Made Program to improve the number and diversity of applicants to AMC competitions.  The goal is to create a more equitable program, inclusive of disadvantaged, underrepresented, and underserved communities, attracting additional sponsors or supporters for the program, and improving the market readiness of teams and technologies in innovative programs.

Join an Informational Webinar on the Community Clean Energy Coalition Prize 
Learn more about how your community can get involved in the American Made Program’s new Community Clean Energy Coalition Prize at an informational webinar on Oct. 19 at noon E.T. The goal of the prize is to encourage community coalitions—made up of nonprofits, city governments, school systems, and other community organizations—to come together to develop a strategy to address a local clean energy opportunity or inequity. During the webinar, prize administrators will give an overview of who can apply, what to submit, and how entries will be judged. Register now to see how this prize could help make real change in your community!

For more information, please email

American-Made Solar Prize logo

American-Made Solar Prize Round 6 supported by NHSSF

Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida is supporting competitors in the American-Made Solar Prize Round 6, a competition designed to energize U.S. solar innovation through a series of contests that accelerate the entrepreneurial process from years to months.

To date, the Solar Prize has funded 120 teams with more than $15 million in prizes, helping spur countless connections between entrepreneurs and experts at the nation’s top test facilities, makerspaces, universities, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s national labs.

American-Made Solar Prize logoThe prize offers a total of $4.1 million in cash and voucher prizes to teams of creative individuals and entrepreneurs who are ready to advance conceptual solar solutions toward product realities. Through three contests, participants compete for progressively larger prizes, including an optional justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion- (JEDI) focused prize that rewards efforts to lower barriers to solar adoption in underserved communities.

With the recent launch of Round 6, the competition is now seeking innovators, entrepreneurs, and those with an idea to revolutionize the solar industry to join the competition.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, let us know! NHSSF is providing submission support and mentorship to help your submission stand out. You can also follow the competition on HeroX or click on this link to learn more about the prize.

Let us know if you have any questions or feel free to share this note with anyone you know who might be a good fit for the Solar Prize Round 6. We look forward to hearing from you!


Contact information at NHSSF:

Natasha Campbell, Esq.
NHSSF, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisor