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“A fabulous team that helped [me] every step of the way”

Natalie found the NHSSF Emergency Relief Program for Housing Stabilization online. She was searching for rental assistance for Broward residents since she saw a cut in her funds due to Covid-19 and was unable to pay her rent for a few months.

She applied for the program in middle March. After a brief email exchange with our intake processor, in early April she was approved to receive the financial aid that helped her immensely to caught up on her back rent: “Having that huge debt of past due rent is now off my shoulders and I can relax now.”

As part of the program, available for Broward County residents thanks to the support from the Jerry Taylor and Nancy Bryant Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward, Natalie received counseling from one of our housing experts. The additional coaching assistance provided her with the tools and information necessary to stabilize her housing situation.

“I have not previously had counseling sessions, but this one was very helpful and informative. I greatly appreciate the advice and guidance for my future financial needs,” says Natalie when asked about the takeaways from the one-on-one session with us

“I’d like to add, that I am very grateful to the entire team that worked my case and helped my family. From Annye to Luz and everyone there; and I am extremely grateful for intake specialist Melissa Clark! She called me, sent emails and made sure to get all my documents your team needed to provide the assistance. I absolutely don’t know how I would handle it, if I didn’t receive the assistance. Again THANKS!!!!!”

Thank you again, Natalie, for your trust, and we are happy to have helped you every step of the way!

Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida

President’s Message

November 3, 2020


Kimberly T. Henderson, President & CEO of NHSSFI will go to bed tonight anxious, nervous, with a heavy heart, with so much uncertainty around who will be our next President, and when will we know.   Leading up to the elections there were news reports of businesses boarding up, family members begging me to stay home, and friends asking why I went to work. My friends and family fear for my safety, especially now that I live in a battle ground state.

My worries drifted to our collective future.  How do we heal after such an angry election? More importantly, how did we get here?  To this level of division?  Of course, this division has been at least a decade in the making, the culture wars, the “inside the Beltway bubble” lobbed at the Washington elite, the derisive “oh those liberal coastal elites” and then the characterizing U.S. states as Red States and Blue States as if we were tribes.  Even my once apolitical sister is clear that she will defriend Trump supporters in real life not just on social media.

I know we can make our way to the centrist America I came to love.  Left or right, conservative or liberal, Dem or Republican we can work together for a better City, State, and Country.  We can bridge these divisions and we must heal.  The world is watching.

Post-election, we will have a lot of work to do to build equitable neighborhoods, to address the affordable housing crisis crippling South Florida and as at least, one person likes to say we will build back better.


Kimberly T. Henderson
President & CEO

NHSSF Lending helps a family close on a new home

Dreams come true – even in the midst of the pandemic

A happy customer closes on a new home with the help of NHSSF LendingBeing confined at home to ease the curve didn’t mean holding us from working toward our clients’ dreams.

During these past months, our lending manager kept in close contact with many families who wanted to see their dream to have a home come true. Daniel and Mariellys were looking to buy their first home. He is a veteran who served in the Armed Forces and was interested in available VA loans.

Seeing prospect houses, exchanging the necessary documentation, but above all, keeping the communication open, when no one could leave their homes, was not easy, and as Daniel says, many times both parties have almost had to reinvent the wheel. But the effort and long working hours are always worth it.

After many weeks of hard work and dedication, Daniel and Mariellys signed the purchase of their first home, with a 100% Veterans mortgage loan. A week after we celebrated their achievement through our social media platforms, Daniel sent us this kind review:

“First and foremost, I wanted to say “Thank you” for making our dream happen as being first-time home buyers. My wife and I are extremely happy and blessed. I know it was definitively a challenge working from home through this COVID-19 global pandemic and having to reinvent the wheel. From start to finish, you were there to answer the many questions we had on all communication platforms. You did a tremendous job of making sure we got the best loan possible. You worked many late nights to service us and we appreciate that. As a veteran, I am happy to be able to benefit from using my VA loan. I will definitely keep you in mind with any future questions we may have and as a referral as well. We wish you well and more success in the future.” 

Thank you, Daniel and Mariellys, and we are looking forward to serving you in the future!


NHSSF Lending Department (NMLS# 291479) offers a comprehensive set of lending options included as an integral part of our one-stop-shop. Our experienced lending team is here to help you:

  • Make informed, unbiased decisions
  • Purchase a home you can afford and keep
  • Provide loans that are safe and competitive


For inquiries, please contact us at 305-751-5511 or send an email to info@nhssf.org.