Bank of America & NHSSF - Expaning homeownership opportunities

NHSSF’s housing counselors partner with Bank of America to expand homeownership opportunities

Bank of America announced the launch of its Community Affordable Loan Solution program aimed at helping eligible individuals and families in Black and Hispanic communities across Miami obtain an affordable loan to purchase a home.

Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida has partnered with Bank of America to provide counseling & homebuyer certification for those homebuyers wanting to apply for the Community Affordable Loan Solution program.


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Los asesores de vivienda de NHSSF ayudan a Bank of America a ampliar las oportunidades de propiedad de vivienda

Bank of America anunció el lanzamiento de su programa Community Affordable Loan Solution destinado a ayudar a las personas y familias elegibles, entre las comunidades negras e hispanas de Miami, a obtener un préstamo asequible para comprar una vivienda. Lo que distingue a este producto de préstamo de otros en el mercado es que utilizará como requisitos de elegibilidad otros factores fuera de los criterios de evaluación tradicionales, como puntaje crediticio mínimo, seguro hipotecario, etc.

Lea el comunicado de prensa oficial de Bank of America (en inglés): Community Affordable Loan Solution

El programa piloto también requerirá que los potenciales compradores de vivienda completen un taller certificado para compradores de vivienda, así como un asesoramiento de vivienda adicional con agencias de asesoramiento de vivienda (HCA) certificadas por HUD, como NHSSF, antes de presentar la solicitud con Bank of America. Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida se ha asociado con Bank of America para brindar el asesoramiento y la certificación educativa para aquellos compradores de vivienda que deseen solicitar el programa Community Affordable Loan Solution.


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a customer receives counseling from NHSSF

With the help from my friends… Counseling assistance mediates towards housing stability

When the Miami musician H. Rojas reached out to NHSSF, his loan was in default and he was afraid of losing his home. Through the Keep People Housed initiative -powered by Wells Fargo- and the Housing Stability Counseling Program, both designed by NeighborWorks America and implemented through NHSSF, Housing Counseling Agencies (HCAs) like us, help homeowners affected by the COVID-19 pandemic find the light at the end of the tunnel.

No more concerts lead to a risk of losing his home

Mr. Rojas is a musician based in Miami and when the COVID-19 pandemic started, his career was at a halt: anything involving social gatherings stopped for months. He bought a house recently and has been diligently paying his mortgage bill since then. When COVID-19 hit, everything changed. Since he wasn’t able to generate any income for months, and couldn’t keep up whit his mortgage payments, Mr. Rojas was placed on forbearance with his previous mortgage servicer for 12 months.

His loan was then bought out by another mortgage servicer, and they were the ones advising him that his loan was in default status. They sent Mr. Rojas a breach demand letter, which basically means that due to late payment(s), the borrower is officially in breach of the terms of their loan, and that a failure to cure that breach will result in the loan servicer initiating the foreclosure process.

For obvious reasons, Mr. Rojas was worried and afraid of losing his home to foreclosure. That’s when he contacted us - Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida.

Counseling and mediation assistance for Mr. Rojas

After Mr. Rojas completed our intake packet, an action plan was assessed. Our forbearance specialist, Jamie Escoto, was the housing counselor assigned to his case and together, they filled out a loss mitigation package and submitted it to Mr. Rojas’ mortgage servicer. He was missing several required documents as he is self-employed and required a profit and loss statement.

Part of the housing counselor’s job was to inquire if he had asked about any COVID-19 forbearance workouts with his mortgage servicer. He had not, but he stated in his hardship letter that he was impacted by COVID-19, and that was his reason for default. Nonetheless, he was not offered any COVID-19 workouts even when his loan is an FHA product. Ms. Escoto offered to speak with his mortgage servicer with him on the line, and he agreed, as he was not sure how to ask for assistance with a COVID-19 modification. That’s how they ended up calling Mr. Rojas mortgage servicer with him on the line and asked what COVID-19 workouts were available for his situation as he was truly impacted by the pandemic.

Further steps towards housing stability

On that same call, the mortgage servicer asked Mr. Rojas if he would like to be placed back on the COVID-19 forbearance plan, as he had time remaining, to which he agreed on.

After the call, the NHSF housing counselor then advised him that he should only utilize the COVID-19 forbearance for when he truly needs it and to not let his delinquency balance go higher. He was also told to make payments of any amount he could to his mortgage servicer, and he agreed. Mr. Rojas will remain on the COVID-19 forbearance plan for only 2-3 months as he is still playing catch up with his bills.

Checking in: Help down the road

Jamie Escoto - NHS Housing Counselor - has followed up on Mr. Rojas since that last call. He will come off the COVID-19 forbearance plan soon and the opportunity is open for NHSSF to keep assisting him. Mr. Rojas is eligible to apply for a COVID-19 recovery modification or COVID-19 Partial claim when he is ready to exit the forbearance.


If you’ve had trouble making mortgage payments due to COVID-19 hardships, or you are entering forbearance, need more time, or are ready to exit, NHSSF is here to help you!

Schedule an appointment with one of our housing counselors and get expert guidance on what to do next and what resources are available. Together we can develop a tailored plan of action that stabilizes your housing! Housing Stability Counseling Sessions are completely FREE!

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Financial Capability Survey

With Americans’ interest in homeownership high, NHSSF helps South Florida residents secure homes

Miami, July 25 — A new survey from NeighborWorks America shows that about half of adults (49%) are likely to seek out homeownership education in the next one or two years, and nearly 9 in 10 people agree that homeownership is important. Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida offers the housing counseling and services people need to reach their goal of homeownership.

NHSSF, a NeighborWorks network organization, created 51 new homeowners in 2021-2022, as shown in its fiscal year report (from July 2021 to June 2022). Interest in homeownership remains high despite the shortage of affordable housing in recent years, as evidenced by the fact that 523 people completed NHSSF 8-hour Homebuyer Certified Workshop for first-time homebuyers during the referred period.

The gap between those who want to buy a house and those who actually managed to make that dream come true, has different causes, one of the most significant being the high price of homes in the real estate market across South Florida, where the median income price of a single-family home reached $550,000 in June of this year. A cost that working families in South Florida cannot cover even with available homebuyer assistance programs from state or local government.

In such circumstances, housing counseling becomes an essential element in the search to buy a home. From June 2021 to July 2022, NHSSF offered 1,027 counseling sessions and completed 32 financial capability counseling sessions focused primarily on laying the financial foundations (savings, credit health, etc.) for any future venture.

NeighborWorks America’s 2022 Housing and Financial Capability Survey also highlighted that people of color showed particular increased interest in seeking out homeownership education, with 63% of Black adults, 66% of Hispanic adults, 56% Asian adults, and 54% American Indian or Alaska Native adults all saying homeownership is in their one- to two-year plan.

“NeighborWorks America and the NeighborWorks network are committed to helping people create pathways to long-term wealth through homeownership,” said NeighborWorks America Senior Vice President of National Initiatives Lee Anne Adams. “NeighborWorks America plays a critical role in helping people get into homes and sustain them, through housing counseling, connecting to down payment assistance, and financial planning.”

The survey also pinpointed the financial challenges for many Americans, who are working to address everyday costs. More than four in 10 Americans say they could not keep up with expenses for one month if they lost their main income source. A growing majority of Americans want or need information or assistance with their financial situations. Just over half are interested in financial planning classes (56%.)

For more information about NeighborWorks America’s Housing and Financial Capability Survey, go to