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The shared equity housing tool – A solution for South Florida’s housing challenges

As a bustling center for international trade and tourism, South Florida’s prosperity increased exponentially over the last decade. However, this prosperity resulted in rapidly rising housing and rental costs that have quickly outstripped wages for most residents. Today, the median home sale price is unaffordable to 90% of all workers in Miami-Dade County and 88% of Broward County households (Miami Affordable Housing Master Plan; Broward County Affordable Housing Needs Assessment).

With years of experience combatting the complex root causes of inequitable housing and lending, Neighborhood Housing Services has a vision for working together to achieve a better, more resilient version of our community, one in which a safe place to call home is available to all residents. The shared equity housing tool is one of the homeownership & development options that we are exploring to address South Florida’s current challenge.

As part of those efforts, we have partnered with NeighborWorks America to provide the 4-week “Shared Equity Housing Webinar” to those partner & stakeholders working directly in that field and for a great sponsorship price $75 (retail price is $475). Our goal is to foster -across partners, community development practitioners, government, for profit and non-for-profit developers and fellow organizations- creative models to generate affordable homeownership.


The benefits of this free faculty-led course include:

  • The ability to communicate with and learn from both faculty and fellow learners.
  • Content delivered in 4 weekly lessons, with deadlines that allow you to learn according to your schedule.
  • Feedback and instruction specific to the context of your community development challenges.
  • Access to course materials, resources, and reference tools online following the completion of the course.
  • Saving time & money while benefiting from a NeighborWorks learning experience.


All you’ll need is a computer and internet connection to take advantage of this highly effective professional development opportunity.

Inquiries and registration at / 786 237 2122.

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