NHSSF Next 45 - Building Future Communities

NHSSF Next 45 – Building Future Communities

It is said quickly but getting to celebrate 45 years of existence requires considerable resilience and a lot of work and sacrifices behind it. On the other hand, as it happens on an individual level, when you reach a certain age, although one is grateful for what rests in the past and contributed to forging the character that we show in the present, a more imminent and existential question rises on the horizon of our selves: how do we want to live the next 45 years that await us in the future?

In the same spirit, this is precisely the question about the future that drives the Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida 45 Anniversary celebrations: How do we want to live out our next 45 years? And the answer came organically as a result of the work we’ve been doing in recent years (including, of course, the shock to our entire community fabric from the the 2020-2022 pandemic: The next 45 years, NHSSF wants to build the communities of the future!


[Kim’s quote on what it means the 45 years for NHSSF]


Over the last 4 decades, Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida (NHSSF) has collaborated with residents and stakeholders to forge a more equitable and income diverse landscape across South Florida’s Community Development and Affordable Housing markets. NHSSF is uniquely suited to helping residents survive and thrive in the face of everyday challenges. Through our Homeownership Education and Counseling, Lending, Housing Development and Community Building and Engagement lines of business, we are able to fill and remediate crucial gaps within the underserved landscape.

NHSSF is a HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency, a direct to consumer Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and a certified Community Housing Development Organization for the City of Miami. And each year, our “one-stop-shop” of comprehensive services allows us to guide nearly 2,700 households down the path of financial literacy and stability, homeownership and generational wealth building.

This 2023 marks an especially significant celebration, as we commemorate NHSSF’s 45th Anniversary. In honor of this momentous occasion we will host several events to celebrate NHSSF Next 45 – Building Future Communities. The events range from an Open House to an Academic Lecture on Black Hip Hop Architecture.


[Board member’s quote on the goal to have various events]


We are inviting the South Florida community (business owners, nonprofits, government and community organizations) to join NHSSF NEXT 45 Anniversary and becoming sponsors. Additional information about what we plan for this year and how to sponsor the anniversary can be found here:



If you want to become a sponsor, please contact NHSSF at


Nicolle Murphy | Board Liaison and Programs Development Associate | nicollec@nhssf.org

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