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NeighborWorks Week 2022: Empowering our residents for success!

NHSSF NeighborWorks Week 2022, came to a superb close this past Saturday, June 11, with over 100 South Florida residents dancing, laughing, and celebrating together at our Community Block Party!


The community event at our headquarters was part of 2022 NeighborWorks Week, (June 4 – 11), when NeighborWorks network organizations around the country, like us, organize community service projects to celebrate the successes of communities and how NeighborWorks and residents work together to enable people to enhance their lives.

As part of these celebrations, from June 7 – 9, we provided a Homebuyer Orientation and a Financial Fitness classes (both in the main languages spoken by our residents across South Florida: English, Spanish & Haitian Creole). We aimed to create informed consumers -whether they will purchase a home in the future or take back control of their finances- as a way to empower communities to thrive. Over 40 residents attended our online classes during that week.

Regarding the Community Block Party on June 11, we were honored to award Miami Dade County District 5 Commissioner, Eileen Higgins, and SMASH President & CEO, Adrian Madriz with the “Stand Up for Your Neighbor” NHSSF Prize. We believed that this community event was a perfect scenario to recognize both Commissioner Higgins and Adrian Madriz for their unwavering commitment to affordable housing and their enduring service as community advocates in favor of the hard-working residents across South Florida.

The party was a great success and all our invitees had a great time with amazing salsa music, delicious food and a splendid time for our children.


Thank you all for coming!


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