Take the Miami Fair Housing Survey

Miami Fair Housing Survey

The city promotes equal housing opportunity through education and training, monitoring and investigating fair housing complaints utilizing techniques to support fair housing litigation, and conduct research and studies to identify and address fair housing impediments.

Completing the survey will help the city:

  • Identify potential discriminatory practices in housing.
  • Understand patterns of residential segregation.
  • Determine barriers to housing choice.
  • Decide the best course of action for reducing impediments to fair housing.

ACCESSIBILITY:  If you require assistance in completing the survey due to a disability, contact the City of Miami at 305-416-2096. TDD/TTY users should dial 711.

PRIVACY DISCLOSURE: This survey is being conducted for information purposes only. Responses can be anonymous.  Providing contact information is optional, but allows us to recognize organizational participation in the development of the Analysis of Impediments.

Take the Survey

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