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Community Impact Report

Our commitment to transforming low wealth communities across South Florida wouldn’t be possible without the alliance of forces and intense collaboration with different organizations, local and federal authorities, and stakeholders.  Positively impacting the well-being and prosperity of the families we serve drives us. As part of this collaboration, we regularly prepare reports that demonstrate our services and programs’ impact on the communities where we are rooted.

Likewise, the gathered data to compose the following summary helps us to continuously improve our programs and services.  A data enriched perspective points out the right actions to effectively tackle the challenges and difficulties related to affordable housing, responsible lending and improving the financial stability of the South Floridians we serve.  We hope you find the following information valuable to understanding our achievements and our customers.


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Getting back in the swing of things

Whenever an accident happens, it takes anyone out of balance. Now imagine two unfortunate events occurring one after the other: the foundations of what until then was a normal life are in danger of collapsing.


Luz Granja works at her desk as she processes an application for emeregency assistance for a fresident of Broward county.
Luz, our program processor, working very hard on every case to expedite the very much needed aid.

That is precisely what happened to K. and J., both Broward County residents, who have received assistance to cover their house rent, through our NHSSF C19 Emergency Relief Program secured with funding from the Community Foundation of Broward.

Shortly after the coronavirus pandemic began, K. had a stroke, her roommate is disabled, and she works independently. This health episode – amid a health and economic crisis that was beginning – directly affected her financial and existential livelihood: the stroke forced her to rest, but resting and recovering meant for her to stop working and, therefore, stop receiving an income.

In this desperate situation, Kelly searched through Google anyone to help her with her bills. To her surprise, the NHSSF program appeared on the list and contacted us immediately to apply. The help provided has had a definite impact on his present life:

It stopped me from having another episode and getting me back on track with my health. It has been a couple of hard months trying to get back in the swing of things. Thanks to you at NHSSF, I think it will become possible.”

No one should have to choose between regaining their health versus the need for an economic income, and that’s just what Kelly would like authorities to do:

I would like for the local or state authorities to advertise more (assistance programs like NHSSF) and extend their reach a litter further financially where I, and others like me in my situation, should be able to recover and not forced to go back the work right away.



Thank you, K and J., for your trust and patience.

God bless you!



About the Program 

Starting in May, meaningful housing relief was delivered to help residents focus on regaining employment and getting back on their feet without the fear of losing the roof over their heads because they’ve failed to meet their rent or mortgage payments. After a couple of months of processing applications, the NHSSF C19 Relief Program’s funds have been exhausted. We thank the patience and trust of applicants. We genuinely appreciate the Community Foundation of Broward’s support in making this program possible.

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Virtual Public Hearing (VPH) for the City of Miami HUD Action Plan

On June 29-30 the City of Miami will hold two Virtual Public Hearings (VPH) to gather public input for the City of Miami Action Plan 2020-2021 (Oct. 1, 2020 – Sept. 30, 2021), to be submitted to US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

We invite the City of Miami residents to participate in the hearings and leave their comments and suggestions. Interested persons should visit www.miamigov.com/hcdvph for details on how to comment or watch the VPHs live.

You can find additional information below. Please feel free to share this information with your neighbors and community members.

ActionPlan public hearing flyer 2020-2021