American Made Carbon Prize

Carbon Management Collegiate Prize Competition

The NHSSF Power Connector Team continues to support the American Made Network.  Our team was recently selected to support the Carbon Management Collegiate Prize Competition.  The goal of the Carbon Management Collegiate prize is to propose innovative and creative business models for transporting carbon dioxide across a regional network. These business plans will come from interdisciplinary teams of undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in winning cash prizes

An Informational Webinar will be held on November 29th at 11am EST. During the webinar, prize administrators will give an overview of who can apply, what to submit, and how entries will be judged. Register now to see how this prize can help shape the future of carbon management!

The full registration link is:

Please feel free to share the information on your various platforms and with your network. Of course, our students should feel free to participate as their schedule allows.

If you have questions, please contact us at or

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