Rosa Hallbrooks

Age: 70

County: Miami-Dade

Neighborhood: Allapattah

Type of service(s) used: Homebuyer Education Training, NHSSF Lending Services


photo of Qiana Mays

Qiana Mays

Age: 35

County: Miami-Dade

Neighborhood: Little Havana

Type of service(s) used: Solar Power Initiative



Becoming a home owner was one of the best decision I have ever made. I believe that without NHSSF, this would not have been possible.

A little over two years of being a homeowner I received a call from NHSSF on Valentine’s Day informing me that I was selected for the Solar Panel Program. The best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

I was excited to receive the news, however I became ecstatic once I met Jody (Solar Co-Op) and she explained all the benefits of going solar.  I attended a solar seminar special thanks to NHSSF president Kimberly Henderson. By attending the seminar and spending the day with Jody; I was able to get educated on how going solar works and how beneficial it will be to my family.

The solar panel program will help my family tremendously by reducing our electricity bill. The solar panels will save my family thousands of dollars in the years to come and I am truly grateful to have been selected. I hope in the future that solar panels will be a requirement for building affordable homes because going solar help the homes remain affordable for homeowners like me.

Thank you NHSSF, I am honored.