I have already paid for a third party representative, can you still help me?

Yes. However, it is not beneficial to have more than one third-party (e.g. attorney, non-profit agency, loan modification company, etc.) representing you because this will confuse the loan servicer and possibly delay the process of getting assistance. Therefore, at the same time that you apply to NHSSF, you should consider ending your relationships with other third-parties.

Can you let me know if I qualify for the Making Home Affordable Program (Obama plan)?

Yes. Once we have collected the necessary documents and information from you, we will be able to determine if your mortgage pre-qualifies for the Making Home Affordable Program.

I just received a notice that my house is in foreclosure. Can you help me?

Yes. As long as the Court has not set a sale date it is possible to work with your mortgage servicer. Time is of the essence. The sooner we start the process with your servicer, the greater your chances are of saving your home.

Are your services free?

Yes, with the exception of a small fee to pull your credit report.

Can you help me lower my monthly payment?

We cannot guarantee that your payment will be lowered because that depends on a variety of factors, some of which are out of your and NHSSF’s control. However, we will work with you and your mortgage servicer to do all we can to make your monthly mortgage payment affordable. Also, please note that you should be cautious of anyone who guarantees that they can lower your monthly payment.

Can you help me even if I am already working with my lender?

Yes. We can counsel and support you no matter what stage you are in with your mortgage servicer.

Can you help me start the process?

Yes. Your first step will be to contact our office to request an application form. It is likely that we will recommend that you register for one of our foreclosure prevention clinics.

Can you help me if I am in bankruptcy?

Yes, if your mortgage loan is not included in the bankruptcy. We will need your bankruptcy attorney to provide a consent letter to your mortgage servicer allowing NHSSF to review your loan for assistance.

My lender said I need to get a financial counseling certificate from a HUD approved agency, can you help?

Yes. NHSSF is a HUD approved counseling agency. We offer Financial Fitness classes that you can attend in order to earn this certificate. Contact our office to register for our next class.

Are “new home” tax credits still available and can you help me obtain them?

Yes, and we can also show you how to request your $25,000 Homestead Exemption.

Can you help me with my closing costs?

Yes, Miami Dade and Broward Counties have programs to help homebuyers with closing costs. You must meet eligibility requirements and funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can NHSSF help me find grants and other funds to help me buy a house?

Yes, Miami Dade and Broward Counties have programs to help homebuyers with down payment assistance. You must also meet eligibility requirements.

Can you tell me how much money I need to buy a house and how I can save?

Yes. An NHSSF HUD-approved Counselor, as part of your individual counseling session, can help design a budget that will help you save for your down payment. NHSSF also offers Financial Fitness Classes that cover money management and credit issue strategies.

I have credit issues, can you help me?

Yes.  NHSSF can review your credit and, when applicable, refer you to agencies accredited in dealing with credit repair.

I lost my house to foreclosure; can I still buy another one?

Yes.  All lenders have different time allowances. Attend an individual counseling session with one of NHSSF’s Homeownership Counselors for specific guidelines.

What is a credit score and can you help me obtain it?

Credit scores help determine your credit worthiness at a specific time. Presently lenders are asking for a middle score of 620 to 640. At your individual counseling session you will be shown your credit report and credit scores.

Does NHSSF provide the HUD certified 8-hour homebuyer education class, and what is the cost?

Yes. NHSSF offers the 8-hour Homebuyer Education Class in both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. The classes are offered in English and Spanish. These classes are currently FREE.

NHSSF also offers an online option available through this website at a cost of $99. The class can be taken at home spread out over several days. A Certificate from NHSSF is issued after the homebuyer makes an appointment with an NHSSF Counselor for a one-on-one counseling session.

How often do you offer homebuyer education classes? Are they offered in Spanish?

NHSSF offers one class a month in both English and Spanish on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. You will need to call and register in advance, since seating is limited. See our Upcoming Events  (link to calendar)to find scheduled classes.

Where are the classes offered?

In Miami Dade County, NHSSF offers workshops at our Main Office located at 300 NW 12 Avenue, Miami 33128. In Broward County the workshops are offered at the NHSSF office located at 2880 West Oakland Park Blvd. Suite 115 Ft Lauderdale, 33311.

Can you help me obtain a loan?

Yes. NHSSF will help prepare you to be mortgage ready. You will select from among several lenders approved by Miami-Dade County to participate in the homebuyer subsidy loan program.

Do I have to be a low to moderate income individual to participate in your services?

No, all incomes levels can benefit from NHSSF’s free services. At your individual counseling session our Homeownership Counselors will evaluate your present monthly income and will recommend a strategy to follow.

Does NHSSF offer post-purchase classes?

Yes. See our Upcoming Events to find scheduled classes.

Do I have to be a first-time homebuyer to go to the 8-hour homebuyer education class?

No. Everyone can benefit from the 8-hour workshop. However, all first-time homebuyer programs require a workshop completion certificate.

I have a recent bankruptcy, can I still qualify?

It depends on the type of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcies need to wait a period of 2 Years from the discharge date. Chapter 13 bankruptcies could qualify depending on specific lender guidelines. You will discuss your alternatives at an individual free counseling session with an NHSSF Homeownership Counselor.

Are you a government agency?

No, NHSSF is a private 501(c)(3) non-profit neighborhood revitalization organization.

Who is Neighborhood Housing Service of South Florida (NHSSF)?

Established in 1978, NHSSF is a private 501(c)(3)  non-profit neighborhood revitalization organization committed to helping homeowners and strengthening neighborhoods. We build empowered communities, revitalize neighborhoods and create affordable housing opportunities through our home buyer education, foreclosure prevention, housing development and lending services in South Florida.

How is NHSSF funded?

NHSSF receives support through contributions from individual and corporate donors, our partnership with NeighborWorks® America, and from our various lines of business such as Homeownership Realty, Housing Development and Lending.

How can I support and get involved in NHSSF?

There are many ways to help. NHSSF has volunteer events throughout the year and welcomes organizations, schools, churches and the community to get involved. You also may make a tax-deductible contribution on-line. At NHSSF at least 75 cents of every dollar contributed goes directly to NHSSF’s programs.

What is NeighborWorks America?

NHSSF is a chartered member of the NeighborWorks® Network, a national partnership of more than 230 community development organizations chartered by Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation.