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Please note: Some local government subsidy programs require subsidy holders to attend the class-based training.

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A new tool to shape better and more equitable communities:

A model Miami/South Florida Community Benefits Agreement: A Resource Guide

We are happy to announce that the Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation launched A model Miami/South Florida Community Benefits Agreement: A Resource Guide.

NHSSF is honored to be part of this coalition. And we are proud of having contributed with our proven knowledge of affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization to model a CBA that will help to shape better and more equitable communities for all in South Florida.

(A Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) is a tool that specifies the public benefits and amenities that a particular developer will provide to a community. A coalition of South Florida nonprofits organizations, educational institutions, and social advocates, which we are part of, contributed with their expertise to this community development sample.)

Community Justice Project
Catalyst Miami
Environmental Justice Clinic
Miami Workers Center
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Empowering individuals, Creating affordable housing opportunities, Revitalizing neighborhoods

Broward Residents in Distress Will Get Financial Assistance

Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida will provide low-income families in Broward County impacted by coronavirus with rent or mortgage assistance, thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Broward.

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To our Partners,

Thank you for your support!

With your collaboration, we have been able to continue our legacy of being first responders in assisting vulnerable families and communities during difficult times.


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President's Message

April 15, 2020
photo of Kim KendersonThe past four weeks have been filled with news of COVID-19 and its impact on businesses small and large.  To meet the needs of our clients we quickly moved our services and programs online.  We knew our clients would need different services so we reached out to our clients via a survey.  We learned that many NHSSF clients had lost jobs and income and were unsure if they could pay rent or mortgages.  NHSSF responded by facilitating clients to request forbearances and offering our mortgage holders forbearance agreements.

Managing through hard financial times is not new to low wealth communities and even here in South Florida, we have learned to manage through natural disasters and its culminating effects on the job market, but it is unprecedented to do this while also fearing we may contract a deadly virus.  It is wrenching to watch the world’s economy come to a standstill.  Collectively, we will have to dig deep into personal reserves of resiliency to manage through this crisis.  I believe we will. Like the communities we serve, NHSSF has proven to be strong, flexible, and resourceful in aligning our services to meet the needs during this difficult time.  We responding nimbly and focused on continuing to provide tri-lingual homebuyer services and financial literacy programming.


List of Services

  • Covid Foreclosure Prevention webinars
  • Managing Personal Finances webinars
  • One on One Counseling for Homeowners
  • One on One Counseling for Renters
  • 8 Hour Homebuyer Certification Workshop
  • PHCD Housing Counseling and Financial Fitness Counseling
  • Financial Capability Coaching
  • Construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing
  • Homebuyer Loans
  • Residential Refinance Loans
  • Referral and Linkages to Covid Relief

A Letter from the CEO

photo of Kim KendersonI can remember being very nervous many many years ago, when I had just one year left on my relocation package from Chicago to Washington DC to use the $3000 closing cost benefit and I simply wasn’t ready to buy. I had not saved money for down payment or even identified a good neighborhood. I didn’t want to lose the $3000 closing cost benefit which was a lot of money back then. As a young professional living in DC, I had maybe one friend who already owned a home. Even after living in Chicago, I was still dumbfounded by the idea that my first place would cost at least 3 times what my parents paid for their home. And it would not be as nice or as big as the homes in my hometown of Milwaukee. I was not working in affordable housing or non-profits at the time and I had big aspirations for a large home, in a great neighborhood, with good schools.

Fast forward decades later, my vocation is to enable this dream of homeownership for thousands of people as a community development practitioner.  Personally and professionally, it has been rewarding to see people push back their fears to start and complete their journey of homeownership.

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For over 40 years Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida (NHSSF) has worked to strengthen communities in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties by:

Empowering individuals

Creating affordable housing opportunities

Revitalizing neighborhoods in South Florida

Our Mission

To collaborate with residents and other stakeholders to stabilize neighborhoods and develop sustainable housing.

We commit to:

  • Increasing the availability of affordable, for-sale and rental housing.
  •  Bringing strategies to assist residents to navigate a complex and competitive housing market.
  •  Educating residents to become informed consumers in their housing choices.
  •  Offering a range of responsible mortgage products and Financial Wellness programs to put area residents on the path to property.
  •  Building aesthetically pleasing housing with interiors designed for the way we live today.
  •  Offering housing that is sensitive to the needs of protecting our environment while offering energy saving measures.
  •  Resident-driven revitalized neighborhoods where residents, businesses and local government choose to invest their time, money and energy.
  •  A holistic approach to affordable housing and community development that connects housing to other important systems such as transportation, health, food security, and the arts.

Properties for Sale by NHSSF

3518 NW 14th Court

3518 NW 14th Court

Newly Renovated Townhome
in Lauderhill

7837 NW 41 Court

7837 NW 41st Court

Newly Renovated Villa
in Sunrise

6744 NW 188 Terrace

6744 NW 188 Terrace

Newly Renovated Villa
in Miami


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