The Renewables, Resiliency, and Energy Efficiency Loan (RREEL) logo

The Renewables, Resiliency, and Energy Efficiency Loan (RREEL)
from Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida allows income eligible families to implement RREE measures in their homes using low-cost loans from NHSSF.

Wondering about the BENEFITS of clean energy and resiliency loans?

  • Helps you and your family to protect our local environment
  • Lowers energy consumption so you can save $$$$
  • Can potentially improve the value of your home
  • Can make your home more comfortable and improve air quality and the healthiness of your home
  • Resiliency measures help to protect your home from total loss in the event of an extreme weather event
  • Resiliency measures allows you to shelter in place or return to your home sooner in the event of a flood or hurricane
  • Resiliency measures can help protect expensive home systems such as the AC condenser

Income Eligibility

Depending on the program, eligible families or individuals in Miami-Dade county that are at or below 80-140% of Area Median Income (AMI) or families or individuals in Broward county that are at or below 80-120% of Area Median Income (AMI). We use income eligible charts from Broward and Miami-Dade County to determine the AMI, and we have a flexible credit criteria.

NHSSF will review credit but also base its decision on ability to repay.

Loan Products, Lines of Credit & Rates*

Loan amount Interest Rate Terms
$500 - $10,000 3 – 6% (fixed) 5 – 10 years


*Fee applies depending on the program & improvement project. Origination Fee: 2 – 2.5% of the loan total amount. Project Management Fee: $79 (single fee once the loan has been approved).

Eligibility Requirements

  • Primary applicant must be the OWNER of the RESIDENTIAL subject property
  • Applicant MUST CURRENTLY RESIDE in the property
  • Home must be LOCATED in SOUTH FLORIDA (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County)
  • Applicant must prove ABILITY TO PAY (bank statements, employment, etc.) and other sources of income
  • Property Taxes must be up to date (show proof)
  • Home Mortgage loans must be current (show proof)
  • Applicant cannot have a bankruptcy in the past 12 months
  • Co-signer or cash collateral may be required depending on the applicant credit history

Being energy efficient and resilient increases the value of your home and reduces your overall carbon footprint.

Types of RREE (Renewable, Resiliency & Energy Efficient) Measures

It is a fact that climate change is affecting South Florida, extreme weather events (like flooding, hurricanes, and high temperatures) will be the norm rather than the exception. NHSSF Resiliency lending program is designed to finance a variety of extreme weather mitigation projects aimed to enhance the resiliency capacity of your home. And by doing so protecting not only your property (lowering home insurance costs) but your family. A reduction in your energy consumption costs may also be a benefit from this Resiliency Home Improvements powered by NHSSF! We’re here to help your home (and your family) be more resilient against extreme heat, flooding & hurricanes.
  • HVAC Platforms
  • Central HVAC Replacement
  • Mini Split AC Units

NHSSF has been serving South Florida residents for over 45 years with the mission to provide them with affordable housing opportunities, non-extractive financing products and financial education services to empower and revitalize our communities.