Community Impact Measures

Liberty City

A Message from Kimberly T. Henderson, President and CEO

Kimberly T. Henderson, President & CEO of NHSSFHi Liberty City Neighbors.  A few years ago we launched NHSSF In Your Neighborhood!  This was our effort to get to know the various communities that make up the rich tapestry of Miami.  We engaged with communities in a variety of ways.  For example, we are beautifying 10 homes with new paint and landscaping in Coconut Grove.  In North Miami, we held our 8 Hour Homebuyer Education totally in Haitian Creole.

In this past year, we have deepened our commitment to Liberty City.  We are part of a multi-organization collaboration as part of our Heirs Project which helps Liberty City homeowners with tangled title issues that prevent the peaceful transition of property once the owner passes on.  We are also providing homebuyer training in Liberty City to promote homeownership.  As a community development organization, we want to increase our commitment and investment.  We can’t do that without your help, ideas, and input.

We are gathering your input in three critical ways over the next two weeks:

  1. We have mailed out surveys to over 1900 residents within a specific Liberty City boundary;
  2. Our NHSSF Team will be knocking on doors to meet residents and deliver the surveys;
  3. NHSSF Team will canvas the neighborhood to make block and building observations on the conditions of the neighborhood to include residential and commercial buildings.


The NHSSF team had a successful completion to NeighborWorks Community Impact Measures.  We surveyed a historically African American community, Liberty City.

The results were:

Blocks Observed – 162 of 194  (many of these blocks were inaccessible due to a massive new construction)

Buildings Observed – 109 of 100 required

Resident Surveys Completed – 223 of 200 required

NHSSF will hold a Community Listening Session to report out the analysis in February once the results are analyzed by our partner NeighborWorks America. Stay tuned for the date and time.


  1. Review the map to make sure you live within the specified boundaries
  2. Click on the online survey, it takes less than 7 minutes to complete the survey
  3. We will verify your address separately.
  4. If you are eligible, you live within the specific boundary, we will enter your name to win a $50.00 gift card! There will be 10 winners!
  5. We must have your completed address eligible survey by Wednesday, September 27th in order to enter to win the $50 gift card.

See if you are eligible to participate in the survey by verifying that you live in the neighborhood boundaries as identified on the map.

Contact us if you have questions, need more information, or want to help conduct block or building observations

Liberty City Neighbors, NHSSF needs to hear from you!

Participate in this important survey today.

Vecinos de Liberty City, ¡NHSSF necesita saber de usted!

Participate in this important survey today.

Liberty City Neighbors, NHSSF bezwen tande w!

Patisipe nan sondaj enpòtan sa a jodi a.